Our Facilities

Library and Information Centre:

The Dumkal Polytechnic library serves as a premier campus information resource and learning centre by providing the students and staffs, access to information resources in all forms in a technology–based environment. Dumkal Polytechnic believes that its Library collections and its facilities are vital academic resources and the library is the campus gateway to an increasingly busy and evolving world of text, images, and sounds. As such it envisions the creations of a Learning Resource Centre with appropriate digital collections and services that will strengthen process of learning and projects. This is achieved by providing personalized services, collections in all formats, access to informations regardless of its location and leadership in the use of network technology.

Our institute have a very well equipped library with sufficient number of study books according to the courses. Along with the study books our library has various journals, magazines related to the courses to get in touch with the real world & industry happenings, news of various new technologies, inventions etc. The student to book ratio is sufficient. With the library we have the Reading Room facility where students can study the library books, take notes etc. Our Library has proper study books of each courses which are helping our students to cover the syllabus along with gathering knowledge.

Total No. of Books 9000 (approx.) (Text & Reference) ; Journal 22 pieces ;News-paper 5 pieces daily; CDs/DVDs, tutorials & educational softwares & softmanual copies-200 pieces ; Library system- Totally computerized ; Library facilities – i) 3 Borrowing cards ii) 1 Reading card (Text or Reference or Journals or Magazines) to be issued per student.


Hostel Facilities

Hostel Facilities:

The college campus is a completely residential educational township.The Polytechnic has the hostel facilities for both boys and girls. The college has Two Hostels for boys and One Hostel for girls (For 1st,2nd and 3rd year students). Each hostel has wardens . The rooms are large and airy with the best conveniences. Mess facilities are available and students can get wholesome, nutritious food of their choice. A homely ambience with rich educational function is provided.

A common room is provided in every hostel with arrangements of Indoor games.There is also a common ground for playing outdoor games like football,cricket,volleyball etc. ” RO ” water purifier systems & 24 hr. ” wi-fi ” internet connection are also provided.

All students are expected to live in the hostel during their course. However, local students who live with their parents within a radius of 30km from the campus may be permitted to come from their homes.

The Hostels are located within the Polytechnic campus (see Campus Map).Each of the hostels is equipped with a kitchen, dining room, students’ ‘common room’ and telephone connection. The details of the hostels along with the present capacity are tabulated below.

Name of Hostel No. of Rooms Seat per Room Total Capacity Super Name Phone No.
Kazi Nazrul Hall (1st year Boys) 56 6 336 Sahidul Ishlam (+91) – 9732878932
Gandhi Hall (2nd & 3rd year Boys) 74 6 444 Musa kalim (+91) – 9732464318
Rokeya Hall (All Girls) 75 3 225 Nilima Pandey (+91) – 9733525317